Audience not connected with tweets

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SocialTV interactions are important, but are still on its infancy. The number of people tweeting it’s still small compared with the audience. Moreover, the audience is not necessarily correlated with the social interactions in Twitter.


TV Shows Audience vs Tweets

Twitter re-designed

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Twitter always have had it’s sign of identity on the simplicity of 140 characters. A powerful open API let flourish a plethora of services to complement the platform. There are URLs shorteners, services for sharing pictures, third-party applications to access the service from the desktop, the iPhone…

But the open platform is becoming less a platform and more an integrated service. These services that grew around are now seeing how Twitter is incorporating these missing options. This transition will achieve it’s biggest milestone with the roll out of the new re-design. Now you’ll be able to embed videos from YouTube or pictures from Flickr. As Twitter says on their blog, “life doesn’t always fit into 140 characters or less“.

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